Historical Pageant at M.C.A. General Conference
Description:Five photograph show different segments of the pageant presented at the Misisonary Church Association's General Conference in Santa Barbara, California, 1964. The top left photograph shows actors portraying Mrs. J. E. Ramseyer asking A. E. Funk at the 1904 Missionary Church Association Convention for a spot for the children on the program for the day. The top center photo shows Mrs. J. E. Ramseyer leading children in the sunshine makers song. Children are holding acorn banks. The top right photo shows the Misisonary Church Association youth program. First pictured are the Gleaners, followed by the Missionary Youth Fellowship. The placards indicate youth objectives. The bottom left photo is a representation of the student body at Fort Wayne Bible College. The placards indicate courses taught. The bottom right photo shows Missionary Church Association missions in Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Ecuador, and Hawaii. Click to see large image
Subject: Missionary Church Association -- General Conference (1964 : Santa Barbara, Calif.)
Place:United States -- California -- Santa Barbara
Time period:July 1964
Date created:July 1964
Resource type:Photographs
Digital format:image/jpg
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